Coriander Seeds

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Coriander Seeds

Country Name Name
Spanish : Cilantro
French : Corriandre
German : Koriander
Swedish : Koriander
Arabic : Kuzhbare
Dutch : Koriander
Portuguese : Coentro
Russian : Koriandr
Japanese : Koendoro
Chinese : Hu-sui

Coriander is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae.. The coriander plant produces both the leaves (which is used as cilantro) and the fruit (these seeds are coriander). The plant must be cultivated for only one of these as the “cilantro” leaves must be picked before the plant matures to produce the seeds.

Coriander is normally found both as whole dried seeds and in ground form.Coriander seeds act as a thickener, and its ground form is a common ingredient in curries.Roasted coriander seeds can be eaten as a snack, while boiled seeds are consumed as a traditional medicine for colds

Sowing Period : Oct to Dec
Ideal Climate : Cool and dry sunny
Cultivation Period : 100-120
Harvest Period :  Mid Jan - March
New crop in Market : March-May
Grade : Eagle, Scooter, Badami, Single & Double parrot and Split
Purity : 99% Purity M/clean / 99.50% Purity Sortex Clean
Total ASH : 8 To 9 % Max
Moisture : 8 % /9.5 % max
Salmonella : Absent/25 gms
Packing : As per buyer requirement
Indian HS Code : 09109912

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