Cumin Seeds

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Cumin Seeds

Country Name Name
Spanish : Comino
French :  Cumin
German : Romischer Kummel
Swedish : Spiskummin
Arabic :  Kammun
Dutch : Komjin
Portuguese : Comino
Russian : Cominho
Japanese : Kmin
Chinese : Machin

Cumin is a small annual herb of the parsley family (Apiaceae). It grows from 1 to 2 feet tall and produces a stem with many branches.

The quality of Whole Cumin is primarily adjudged on the basis of physical cleanliness of the final product, besides the volatile oil percentage in the seeds. Cumin's distinctive flavor is strong. It has a warm aroma due to its essential oil content.

Pronounced “kuh-min”, Cumin has only recently begun to be recognized as a popular spice in this world, but worldwide it is one of the most consumed spices followed by chillies and pepper. India is the largest producer and exporter of Cumin in the world. Highest cumin cultivation state is Gujarat (65-70%) and remaining (30-35%) Rajasthan.

Sowing Period :  Sept end- Dec end
Ideal Climate :  Cool & dry sunny
Cultivation Period : 90-120 days
Condition for crop :  8 C to 30 C.
Harvest Period :  Feb Start – End March
New crop in Market : March - May
Grade : Machine clean / Sortex Clean
Purity : 98% / 99% / 99.50% (Singapore/Europe/USA)
Total ASH : 8 To 9 % Max
Moisture : 9.5 % max
Salmonella : Absent/25 gms
Volaile oil : Min 2.00 ml/100 gms
Packing : As per buyer requirement
Indian HS Code : 09093019

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